National Day holiday to again, let my blessing to bring you warm, let you of the world there will be no regret, wish you have a good time, eat at ease, comfortable, in short everything!


National Day, seven days to put a false, empty troubles memory, delete impetuous anguish, save the relaxed and happy, refresh the endless happiness. I wish friends a happy National Day, happy was packed.


A bowl of water on the bottom, on behalf of my heart, a Ye Qing sweet impression, on behalf of my sincerity. 11 season approaching, let little SMS bring you happiness happy!


Autumn wind blast, missing continuously, autumn fluttering and blessings come, today is eleven, I wish you a happy to eat, play, le le ha ha have a happiness, happy holidays, happy National Day!


With caring needle and happy line, draw the outline of the pattern of peace, woven into a sweater for you happiness, hope you 11 days can you travel in the cold warm, I wish you a happy National Day!


I come lightly, away from the spring and summer; I faint smile, in this golden autumn; I silently to write, this simple text messages; Please read happy, the most sincere wishes. I wish a happy National Day!


Meet with you in the fall, the National Day, in early winter long you think Christmas, kiss you have green grass in the spring, the gently just ask you - - National Day give me a better date, okay?


Autumn in October, national celebration. China, the carpet of flowers; HeGuoCheng music, such as tide, through this great and beautiful day send you my best wishes: happy every day, every happiness!


Is you make me lonely in the world of drying, is you put the sadness of my heart away, is you put my days of trouble buried deep, inner grateful beyond words, dear. Happy happy every day!


National Day have a pleasant goat, a little lazy to work, the boss still Wolffy, looks terrible but kind. Tidy up the mood music, zen career passion again, salary beauty, warm friends regards.


Eleven long holiday to travel, do less worry partner; Money property management, food and accommodation in my heart; Boat behind, environment for god. I wish: happy National Day long vacation travel, enjoy health!


Flowers bloom and fade, sunrise and sunset, SMS is not much, many blessings! I wish you a happy National Day, a happy, comfortable, healthy, reunion, boon conjugal love, thriving, HeHeMeiMei!


Dream let us enrich, faith let us brilliant, fighting let's brilliant, care let us moved, let us warm blessings. National Day holiday is coming, send you my blessing in advance, wish you happy.


The National Day, worry, pain, sad all get out of the way, happy, happy, happy, all reported message hand holding blessing came, eleven wish you more and more happiness, happy holiday not lonely, happy National Day!


Day singing red songs, mei-mei; Dance dance, joy; Hang lanterns, house full of happiness; End up the glass and family; Lit fireworks, beautiful infinite; Let blessing, be elated: happy National Day!


Busy life without interruption, tired brain never stood still, good body also need to rest, a good condition to continue. The National Day to, put down the worry, have a good rest. I wish a happy National Day!


Because you happy, be happy; Happy heart to move you, rejoice; Pleasant time combing your, free and unfettered and clinking; A faraway friend bless you, be elated: National Day happy, have a good mood!


Dear, I know why I love you so? Today I tell you the truth, is the "National Day" command, if dare go against is "illegal". To show that law-abiding determination, I decided to love you whole life!


Leisurely, the heart carefree and relaxed, laugh, long vacation coming flowering, take a walk, National Day travel landscape to swim, to take a rest, relax pressure slip, National Day is coming, let go of mind, a happy smile!


Golden autumn in October, National Day festival, friendship like iron, the blessing is not rest, all sorrow solution, often with happy, annoyance, ruyi, happiness is not short, happiness is superior. I wish: happy National Day!


Open the doors and Windows, a breath of fresh air, open the luggage, happiness with you go to sleep, open the computer, the virus was happy, open the phone, my blessing can't reluctant to: I wish friends a happy National Day!


Today first day, National Day joy still mad. Remind friends to pay attention to, adjust mood to remember them. Eliminate fatigue, relax, dozen spirit. Back to the normal track, efforts continue forward forever.


Haven't seen you for a long time, really miss you! You still there? The tiger bully you? The lion scare you? Tourists throwing things at you? Two little hoof holding mobile phone reading habits? I wish a happy National Day!


11 National Day has come, can sleep late every day, relatives and friends party with laughter, travel good lively, wonderful holiday is really wonderful, caring friends didn't forget, greeting message sent to all, I wish you a happy National Day!


Meet in golden October National Day, the country to celebrate birthday; Add new carpet of flowers, the music like tide sing peace; The motherland prosperity and enjoy life, family happiness. I wish friends a happy National Day, happy every day.


Message although not expensive, really more than roses; Message, though not tired, caring don't have a taste; Reply message not to regret, quite pleased; SMS wish your National Day to eat the rest assured, you have a good time, too comfortable!


National Day lang lang, a sweet holiday, intoxicating music gods of body and mind, I send blessings to you, let you good luck with your holiday joy, life gets its color, the National Day crossed. Wish your National Day, no worries, laugh every day.


Shenzhou rise, the national prosperity; Was magnificent, the eventful years; Jiangshan not old changchun motherland! On the occasion of National Day holiday, I wish our great motherland prosperous forever, also wish good luck with your life!


Holiday is very long, for your caring longer; Holiday is very busy, for your caring more busy. Go out to travel, let your mood happy; Hanging out with friends, wish your mood cheerful. National Day holiday, wish you happy through!


Long National Day holiday, busy SMS blessing; Enjoy a happy heart, yong phase forget trouble. Create business, failed to meet you; Good luck often winning lottery, flag Yang; Luck and auspicious, happiness blissfully unaware. Happy National Day!


You love me to lock, your happiness I mixed, and to the National Day seven tianle, warm the heart of ho said quietly. Wish you good luck every piece, happy more and more, numerous wealth and happiness a barrel. Happy National Day!


11 National Day to send you perfect blessing, wish you: eat joss-stick joss-stick, clothing meimei, sleep sweet sweet, sweet dreams, sweet, returns, blessing, friendship is deep, business running smoothly, meimei, life happiness forever!


Miss, is a kind of very bitter waiting, a sour helpless, blessing, is a kind of affectionate greeting, a sweet, caring, a friend, National Day will come, let the message you I love you and wishing you, wish you a happy holiday!


Red lanterns hanging high, pleasant goat festival; People mountain people sea travel is busy, boiling with enthusiasm; Deeply to send greetings, warm friendship; The National Day, wish you have a beautiful triumphant mood, enjoy the lazy time.


To heaven to have some good luck, wish our motherland prosperity, to have some harvest, wish the motherland prosperous, to have some holiday happy, wish you happy things, to the "golden week" to some type, may you wealth, happy National Day!


At this festive holiday, friends, friends thoughts in my mind. The truth such as wine, suddenly look back, is still a salute alcohol cotton. Years, friendship together, the four seasons of life hand in hand with you. The National Day, wish you happy forever!


National Day you are a busy man, to plan the party, to make an appointment to meet, make a phone call to also want to line up, so send a SMS alerts: holiday finished faster, hurriedly leak fill a vacancy, improve the friendship, good friends 1 can't be little!


Chinese children meet National Day, Chinese people do for the expo, the motherland and the land flowers sheng, two cities lugu Beijing beaming thick, to bless this holiday season, I wish you a National Day in a good mood, I wish you a world expo tourism, wish you laugh at the moment.


Mainland Mid-Autumn National Day double pleased, heart is like in Taiwan. Kim enrage bright autumn in full bloom, the red flag thrown into sunlight. All over the sky of fireworks prosperous time, xiao tong street drums. Decorating meet festival, sang ZhuJiLi. Happy National Day!


The National Day, the national flag to celebrate the prosperity and prosperity, national anthem to celebrate good fortune and prosperity, flowers to celebrate the peace and stability, salute to celebrate the good times, doves to celebrate peace and happiness, SMS to celebrate your happy and healthy.