Life is movement, exercise every day, life live!


Your recovery, is my happiness; Your well-being is my peace. You'll be fine!


The body is good? Later can pay attention to, the wine is public, but his own body, don't for mouth killed the cat again!


Movement, is the source of health, is also the secret of longevity. Hope you exercise every day, life live.


Wish you a speedy recovery, every day without me by your side, you should take good care of yourself! This is my biggest wish.


Happy smile is the sole medicine maintain a healthy life, the value of it is millions of, but it doesn't cost a cent.


Dear, wish you get better early! You are sick, I'm worried about! But you want to rest more, pay attention to take medicine on time.


I know the taste of the sick, have a good rest, pay attention to body ah, baby girl, I like the baby obedient.


Person's life there are a lot of things can be forgotten, but I never forget the favour of the parents! Dear mom and dad I wish you good health!


The damn cold, although the pain in your body, pain in my heart, get better soon, I'll pain died, my dear, wish you recover at an early date.


Our happiness; Your well-being is our peace. Your smile is our desire! Friends, sincerely wish you recover at an early date!


For illness four: not sorrow in silence, can't smoke and drink, can't strenuous exercise, also can't delete the blessing of the message. I wish a speedy recovery!


Your cold today? To pay more attention to the body, drink water more, don't forget to drink a protein powder, every day it cadbury no harm to the body.


Caring because affection deep, say friends take care of yourself, healthy in mind, the mood to smile a lot, don't even bother to take a good rest, I wish you a speedy recovery.


People always encounter setbacks, as long as you are not afraid of falls, you will create your own piece of heaven and earth, remember and I in your side to encourage you!


Without your days, not blue! No flower, don't you yan! Your meal, no sweet! Didn't you sleep, no sweet! Dear, wish you recover at an early date, all the best!


If you can, please don't are bored with my blessing; If possible, please always remember I care about you; If you like, please let me share your joys and sorrows!


Illness is not terrible, as long as the belief in, rehabilitation is not a dream, future exhibition; The disease as a challenge, the faith as a weapon. I wish a speedy recovery!


Sick taste bad, be sure to take good care of yourself! You will get well soon! A good mood every day. Wish you recover at an early date! Little cold it doesn't matter, right?


After rain the sun is beautiful, good spirit of disease eradication. Every day chanting fast discharge, bitterness and is full of sweet. Friends care, you know, wish recover at an early date!


Health notes that the wind rain flower, float into your heart, the melody of peace, such as flower flourishes, shining in your eyes, wish you recover at an early date, return to happiness in life.


Your mood now? Want to eat more vegetables, drink boiled water more, maintain enough sleep, is beneficial to the recovery of your body, wish your body recover at an early date!


My heart to hear that you're injured dull panic; You said the wound pain, my heart is empty; Heard that take medicine, my heart is also difficult; Miss you friend, I wish you a early recovery!


Remember, silent, but very sweet; Greetings, ordinary, but very warm; Blessings, far away, but the most intimate; Here send you my heartfelt blessing, wish you: get well soon!


You are my intimate knowledge of the meaning, you is I was like peas and carrots, you are the only beauty in my life. Text messages sent to wish, wish your body health health, happiness.


Let the breeze blows away your pain, let the sun melt your sadness. Wish still send heart, no matter when friends will put your company. Wish you recover at an early date, so happiness.


Missing cloud take my greetings, coolish wind take my wishes. Wishing you all happiness all trouble side, left side, the body at an early date healthy, life everlasting peace.


Rainbow after every storm, after the ill health and well-being will not owe, spirit lingering finish smile sweet, happiness and health to make money, life good music! I wish early rehabilitation.


A cold drink chicken soup, accelerate recovery for health; Eating ginger tea carrot juice, ensure you recover no bitter to eat; More on the nose rub hands, metabolic disease. Wish you recover at an early date!


Collect a piece of sunshine, send you warm XuXu; Collect a breeze, send you relaxed slowly; Pick a bouquet of flowers, give you fragrant wisps; Weave a text message, wish you recover at an early date!


Send you a potted flower, kegare out of the hospital, for you to send your fruit tea, I wish you the best Vc more care, give you care and blessing, solving bitter to your heart. May your disease from early, return to happiness.


Illness upset, also not fresh, delicious unkempt indolent meaning; At the heart of caring, friends also ok, your pain you flow. Don't be too upset, which give the happy face life, wish recover at an early date!


Flowers from wandering water their, an information two kinds of greetings, ask you whether you are happy or not happy no sorrow, q you can still health and peace. I wish you a early recovery, happiness life is endless!


Know that you have a cold, it was very worried about you, the taste of the sick sorry, hope you pay more attention to rest and to maintain the body, drink water more, don't forget to take medicine. I wish you a speedy health!


Health like a tree and get some sun, and it will grow, and experience more wind and rain, it will be strong, scarification fertilization once in a while, it will thrive. Don't be afraid because of illness, caress attentively, back to health.


Sick when it doesn't matter, also strong through who is afraid of you, the road of life is not royal road to learning, friendship always feel bitter, wish you through this situation, the health does not turn on the road, wish a speedy recovery!

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